To ensure that the equipment is used optimally, another important factor is wide-range operator and technician training. Our machines are designed to be user friendly and operation is pure push button pleasure.

GTE Ltd is an accredited training facility and local customers can re-claim training expenses from the government.

We have various training options available, from basic commissioning training to in depth classroom training and refresher courses to cater for personnel turnovers during the life cycle of the equipment.

We have established ourselves as leaders when it comes to training on processing and packaging equipment provided by GTE Ltd. Our classroom training packages are machine specific and include classroom and practical training conducted at the client’s premises for all machine operators and technicians.

Our approach is very simple. Train the clients’ personnel to operate and maintain the equipment in peak condition to benefit the client. It is as simple as that. Our training is structured so that even first time operators can easily grasp and understand the equipment.

Our training packages are also included in the service level agreements (SLA's) that are currently being negotiated with various clients. This is just another innovation on how we aim to enhance your experience with GTE Ltd and our equipments.

Contact our sales department to find out how you can benefit from our training solutions.

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