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Design and printing of packaging materials done at competitive rates
We offer unbeatable rates for design and printing of packaging materials for packing all kinds of products and we also supply wide range of pouches.

A variety of material structures are available to make the pouches attractive. Pouches can be plain or multi colour printed.
Branding is a decisive factor in the success of any product. Pouches of various types offer a different dimension to branding. Our packaging facilities can make customized pouches such as Side seal, Centre Seal, Side gusset, Stand up, Re-usable pouch, and pouches with Zip Lock, D-Cut, V-Notch, Loop, Easy pour for liquid packaging, etc.

2, 3 or 4 side seal pouches
(a) Sealing on 2 or 3 or 4 sides
(b) Good seal strength
(c) Wide usage in food packaging
(d) Available with option for Easy peel, Zip lock, Spout, D-Punch, V-notch, loop, etc.

Center seal pouches
(a) Sealing in the center of the pouch as a fin
(b) Also called as Fin seal
(c) Wide usage in Food packaging
(d) Available with option for Easy Peel, Zip Lock, Spout, D-punch, V-notch, loop, etc

Side gusset pouches
(a) It has a gusset, or fold, on either side of the bag. The gussets expand when the package is filled with product, this increases the volume of the bag
(b) Widely used in food packaging industry especially for coffee, tea, powder products, etc

Stand up pouches
(a) Available with option of round corners, Easy peel, Zip lock, Spout, D-punch, V-notch, etc
(b) Wide usage in food & beverages packaging, Liquid packaging, Agro products packaging
(c) Available with option for easy peel, Zip lock, Spout, D-punch, V-notch, etc
(d) Excellent Shelf Appeal

Spout pouches
(a) Available with option for closable cap, stand up, 3 side seal etc.
(b) Widely used for liquid packaging like milk, sauces, juices, shampoos, lubricant oil
(c) Attractive packaging for liquids in healthcare and food & Beverages industries

Retort pouches
Retort is a process that uses heat and pressure to cook food in a strong, sealed package. Because the packaging is less bulky than traditional cans and jars, foods cook more quickly, providing a better tasting product for your customer. The product becomes Shelf-stable and requires no refrigeration. Available in Foil and Clear option

De gassing valve pouch
(a) Also called freshness valves or aroma valves.
(b) These are important to maximizing the freshness of coffee by allowing fresh roasted coffee to de-gas in the package.
(c) Available with option for 3 side seal, center seal, stand up, side gusset, Easy peel, zip Lock, Spout etc
(d) Wide usage in Coffee or like products packaging

Vacuum pouches
(a) Keeps products fresh for longer duration
(b) Very good puncture resistant
(c) Available with options for Easy Tear, 3 side seal etc